Inspired by this post from Pies and Tacos, I made a batch of macarons filled with Oreo buttercream. I opted to dye the shells with a touch of gray, as white shells give me trouble. They often get dark at the edges in the final stage of baking.

The recipe for the sunflower seed macarons can be found here. I used a very small amount of Americolor Gun Powder to get this hint of gray. The template for the shells was downloaded from Pies and Tacos, where you will also find the recipe I used for the filling.

Sunflower seed macarons have a coarser texture, so to be safe I piped some regular round ones, in case I had issued baking the bunny shape. But the Macarons Gods were smiling on me that day, and they all baked without problems! After baking, I painted the ears with luster powder + vodka and added the details with food safe pen. A little dry pink luster powder for the cheeks for a final touch, and a fondant rose just because. The round ones were just painted with a fan brush using luster powder + vodka in two colors, pink and blue.

The Oreo buttercream is lovely! Make sure to crush them super thin (filling and all, not need to worry about it). The addition of cream cheese cuts the sweetness a bit. All in all, a great little macaron project for the season.

They were donated to the folks at my orthodontist office.
And they were very kind to share this photo on their Facebook page!

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