Once again, the task for the month of December was very simply stated: use metallics to decorate your cookies. There are two ways to do it, you can air-brush or spray paint using products available from Wilton (such as this one) or from PME (such as this one). When you consider how fast the spray painting can go, it is a super efficient way to decorate many cookies at the same time. Of course, if you are going to gild the lily with extra piping or sprinkles, that will add a bit more time and effort, but in my opinion it is totally worth it.

For all the designs I used flooding either with Americolor Gold (to spray gold later) or Americolor Gun Metal (to spray silver). Once that base is set, I added details in piping consistency using either a similar color or white. That then gets painted with luster powder. If you start from white flooding, the metallic effect will be less pronounced, and the final color a bit more faded.

A similar approach will also work with silver…

I also like pairing silver and gold…

Of course, other shapes benefit from metallic decoration also… For the light bulb, I coupled Wilton Silver spray with luster powder bronze for the top and gold for the streak of light on the left side. The modern tree got gold on silver.

Bells also love a little shine, the one below quite simple to decorate, with a border using brush embroidery.

Solid gold pairs nicely with some sprinkles, in this case to make a real ornament that can be hung from a Christmas tree…

So many possibilities, including adding a metallic finish to Springerle cookies….

I loved this month’s inspiration challenge, and confess it was hard for me to stop making more designs…

I hope you’ll consider incorporating metallics into your cookie decorating, I am already dreaming about some serious shine for Valentine’s!

ONE YEAR AGO: Amy’s Christmas Cookies


  1. Eha December 17, 2022 / 10:49 pm

    I’ll keep this post at arm;s length over the next ten days . . . whenever I want to feel the Christmas spirit, imagination and beauty . . . I know where to click on ! A great deal of work .here . . . blessings . (Off Topic – loved your guys having a very companionable walk . . . could the spotted one have a pat please 🙂 1) . .


    • sallybr December 20, 2022 / 5:37 pm

      spotted one says WOOF WOOF, which means I want to go to some place warm, can I go visit? 😉


      • Eha December 20, 2022 / 10:09 pm

        If you can use your special charms and WOOF your way past border officers . . . oh boy would you be welcome > bring the ‘big ones’ too . . . Oh: you know how to get along with those ‘littler’ . . . our Prime Minister has a little fluff called Toto who runs the House . . . I’ll ask him . . .


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