Recently Marlyn from @montrealconfections shared several ideas to make very cool cookies using colored dough instead of relying on icing. I love the concept! You can see one of her videos clicking here. If you are a member of her Patreon site, a much more detailed tutorial is available here.

Without further ado, my first attempt with this technique…

I love the way these cookies are super “decorated” but without a single drop of icing. You can follow Marlyn’s video to get a better idea of how it is done, but it all starts with a batch of chocolate dough (any recipe you like), and several batches of sugar dough, split in different colors. What I do is make a regular batch, and before the dough gets fully mixed, I divide it in portions. Then, I grab the first portion and place it in the Kitchen Aid, adding the lighter color to it (in this case, yellow). Mix that, add the other dough, add another color, no need to wash the bowl.

From that point, all you need to do is roll the colored dough and play with shapes and colors…

Roll the chocolate dough, place the pieces on top, roll it again
(with a parchment paper on top) to make it all flat…

Cut shapes…. and bake!

Any leftover dough can be squished together to make a nice marbled dough that you can use in many different ways…

Marlyn proposed the Inspiration Challenge for October using this type of technique, so stay tuned for my “homework” coming up in my next post…

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