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In perfect synchrony with the season, this month’s series matches a Bunny Gnome (!!!!) and a Carrot composition… how is THAT for creativity and cuteness?

Quite a few details went into the Bunny Gnome, I love the shoes, the beard and the little carrot he is holding tight…

It all starts by making the shoes (and if you want, also the nose) using fondant. The shoes are made with Easter egg molds that are cut at the base to fit well on the shape of the cookie. Once that is made and painted, you can start drawing the sections to be flooded. It all goes by super fast.

For the Floral Carrot, Amy used a cool method to add the background, to preserve some texture. Then the carrots and the green tops are added with thick consistency Royal icing, and tipless bags cut with scissors. Simple and straightforward.

The carrot piping is a great skill to have, but as Amy points out in the video, the main thing to pay attention to is – keep them looking as carrots. There is a danger zone in there (cough, cough, cough). I say no more. Very important to keep that in mind when piping the single carrot on the Bunny Gnome…

This was a very unusual and fun set to put together, and I am hoping whoever got these cookies when I donated them last week, got a smile with their sweets!

Before I leave, make sure to think about joiningAmy’s Gnome and Floral Adenture, by clicking on the link on top of this post. It is wonderful to see the productions everyone else comes up with, little variations in colors, and because the videos are available full-time, you can decide when to make any of the sets from past months, and wait for her next tutorial, usually available on the first day of the month.

ONE YEAR AGO: For the Love of Bunnies


  1. Hicks Amy April 14, 2023 / 6:25 am

    Such a fun month! I think the fresh “squeeze” of May will keep you smiling!


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