I love when a cookie cutter is used with new designs in mind, and this recent version from Haniela is one of my favorites. So elegant in its simplicity, and very effective. She demonstrates it in great detail here, starting at 2 min and 20 sec. If you have a cupcake cookie cutter, you are all set! In the same video she shows how to make a very cute Santa Claus, also with the same cutter. She is the Queen of Cookie Cutter Flips!

For these gingerbread cookies, you’ll only need four colors of Royal icing: white, black, cream and green. For the ferns, black stems and twines, make sure to have icing in piping consistency.

The twine decorations are simply small red dots painted with a food pen after the lines are fully set. Amazing how little details can elevate a design!

Piping ferns is a skill that comes in handy for countless cookie designs. It is quite forgiving, since you can add new layers in stages. A few red sprinkles (or royal icing dots) complement this look quite well.

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