Still in the spirit of the season, a few more ideas for your holiday bakes, starting with socks to hang by the fireplace…

They were made after a video from Marlyn (Montreal Confections), using a “frankencookie” approach (watch it here). A sock cutter is combined with a little head to form the final design. From that point, it is pretty straightforward: ice the different areas, let them set. Pipe decorative lines with black Royal icing, and the detail on top of the sock with a star tip and stiff consistency icing. While that part is still wet, carefully place a mini candy cane as decoration. The eyes and mouth were made with a food-safe pen.

The hexagons were featured recently in the blog (click here for the original post). Once the franken-sock cookie was fully set, I painted a bit of luster pearl on the white part of the sock. Because bling makes everything better.

Moving on, another very cute idea from Marlyn: when a Christmas tree and a dress fall desperately in love and have a baby… You can check her IG video for this cookie with a click here.

Marlyn used a template to get a perfectly symmetrical shape for the dress, I went free-hand. Each layer of the dress is piped independently, starting with the bottom layer. A darker tone of green is air-brushed on the edges, a step that adds quite a bit of pizazz to the dress. The red details and top of the dress are added later, as well as the black belt (with tip Ateco #44).

Finally, my own contribution to this post, with a super simple design using mini-cookie cutters from Sugarbelle. These are tiny, two-bite little things, perfect when you don’t really feel like indulging too much in sweets. All you need is green, red and white icing, plus sprinkles. The fern cookies require some piping consistency icing, but you can conceivably just use a food pen to simplify things quite a bit.

I am definitely going to be using mini-cutters quite often in the future. They are adorable and the set comes with 40 shapes plus a cool “idea sheet” to offer alternative ways to decorate each shape.

I hope your holiday season is going smoothly. For many, plans had to be canceled, meetings with family postponed once again due to the virus that won’t leave us in peace. Let’s hope for a much kinder year ahead…