Mermaid tails and shells, to bring the spirit of summer vacations into the cookie world. This time, I join Marlyn and Amber in her tutorials, and then contribute with my own little cookie, a bit more austere, for those who are not too wild about Royal icing.

Marlyn’s sea shells are deceptively simple, but will have you mix two consistencies of icing, so that you can make the decorative swirl thick enough to preserve the shape. Her tutorial is available in her Patreon site.

A little Diamond Dust never hurts…

For the mermaid tail, you can see Amber’s tutorial here. The two colors are gently marbled together, then after the icing is fully set, some shimmer powder is brushed on the surface and the details added with a stencil. You could free-hand it also, I am not that brave.

Finally, for a more austere cookie, I used a springerle type mold to bake the exact same dough. Once it cooled completely, I painted the shells with luster powder + vodka. Super simple.

2 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF THE SEA

  1. Camille Tomer July 31, 2022 / 1:48 am

    These are beautiful! I really love *your* cookies! How did you adjust the cooking time in order to compensate for the thicker dough? (I’ve always wondered that! 😅) They’re amazing! 😍

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    • sallybr July 31, 2022 / 7:04 am

      I find that thick cookies and thin cookies with the same dimension need less adjustment than cookies of different sizes – for instance if I bake small cookies and large cookies, and don’t separate them in different baking sheets, I check after 9 minutes and might remove the small ones at that point. When the edges start to get some color, no matter the thickness and-or dimension, I take them out. But it does take some attention – my general rule is to keep checking every minute and remove the ones that have golden edges. With chocolate cookies that is tricky, but I then VERY GENTLY touch the surface at the center, and if it is soft at all, I keep baking.


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