Have you heard of sugar lace? It is a great option to add a touch of elegance to cookies and cakes. You can make the basic mixture but most people prefer to buy the powder. One of the best brands is called Sugarveil. I bought a small bag to play with but could not make it work. In fact it was an epic disaster with messy consequences. Discussing my ordeal online led to a wonderful person – whose name should be kept confidential – send me many little round pieces she made herself so I could have fun with them. And so I did. Needless to say, I already ordered another bag, because I need sugar lace in my life. On a regular basis.

To make the decoration, you’ll need special silicone mats to spread the mixture on, then allow it to set either at room temperature or in a very low oven. My dear angel-friend sent me several, with different designs. I show some examples in this picture.

Aren’t they gorgeous? So to incorporate them in cookies I had two ideas in mind. First, make a cookie with a center of chocolate ganache. To achieve that, I measured the size of the sugar lace and built a cookie around it. Started with the outer circle, using a patterned rolling pin, then the center portion with a second, thin layer of smooth dough. I baked them together so they formed a solid cookie with a little shallow space in the center.

Next, I painted the edges with luster gold to allow the pattern to be more evident, filled the center with chocolate ganache, and when it was almost set I gently placed the sugarveil on top.

My favorite is the one in the center, because the decoration hit exactly the edges of the ganache. You don’t get a second chance to place the design, so that is something you need to keep in mind. Think steady hand and determination!

My second “experiment” involved modeling chocolate, something I’ve been using more and more. I dyed some pink, rolled it thin and cut a little smaller than the cookie, but bigger than the sugar veil (using this set of cookie cutters). I actually tried two different sizes, one with less molded chocolate, so that the cookie surface was more exposed.

Modeling chocolate can be made from scratch or bought ready to use. It keeps forever, handles like fondant, but the taste is infinitely better. Very easy to manipulate, the heat of the hands do all the softening you’ll need to make it pliable. To glue to the cookie I used melted chocolate. The sugar veil requires minimal moisture to glue, so I brushed a tiny amount of water on the chocolate base and placed the lace on top.

The possibilites to use sugar lace are pretty much endless. Go to pinterest or instagram and prepare to be amazed. I truly want to make it work, so once I get my new order, I’ll get busy. Cross your fingers for me!

To my secret friend, I cannot thank you enough, your gift made me melt inside!

5 thoughts on “SUGARVEIL BLUES

  1. Frenchcreek Baker May 2, 2021 / 1:53 pm

    Ok, I admit to never hearing about sugar lace. I love both the version with the center for ganache and the molded chocolate with the lace on top.

    So does the lace absorb moisture from the ganache and soften in a day?

    Is the lace a crunchy sugar experience?

    So amazingly elegant. I too like the pattern you chose as your favorite.

    I am wondering if this application could go on top of fruit curd tarts and cakes perhaps?

    Thanks for introducing me to something totally new on the world of cookies!

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    • sallybr May 2, 2021 / 2:30 pm

      it did not dissolve or change in appearance in 3 full days, that’s when I donated them – I also kept some in the freezer for a week, no changes – I know that it is widely used over buttercream for cake decoration, sometimes full bands are wrapped around the cake, looks amazing. So think of it as a flexible, but sturdy sugar thing. You can fold it and use moisture to keep the folds – but I have never done that – my next goal is to manage to MAKE these little devils… 😉


  2. Frenchcreek Baker May 2, 2021 / 6:46 pm

    Hi Sally,

    I just watched a YouTube video by Chef Alan Trenault. He talks about properties of different brands of sugar lace mix. I think his own brand no longer exists but mentions others. Then I saw a video that explains how to make your own mix. Which route are you going with?

    Then I found this blog post on making your own modeling chocolate. I think the brand of nice white ready-made you gave us the link to is handy and white is nice to tint. I will try it.

    But this blog post had me wondering if using Valrhona dark chocolate feves plus corn syrup or Callebaut passion fruit ones would be nice? Have you tested making your own yet? Would have to ruin that mighty fine chocolate by adding the corn syrup yet the notion of fine chocolate for modeling sure does have an appeal….

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    • sallybr May 2, 2021 / 7:00 pm

      for the time being I am using Sugarveil ready mix – I just got another package today, but did not have the mental strength to go for it… 😉

      I thought that using some commercially available, optimized mix, would increase my chances of success – same thing for modeling chocolate, although I am definitely planning on making my own (yes, with good quality chocolate) because it was such a pleasure to handle and worked so well, I am excited about the “made from scratch” route…

      at any rate, I hope you keep talking to me about all this – I realize this is going to be a pretty “limited” blog, but I do hope that those addicted to cookie baking and decorating can find ways to exchange ideas, successes and failures here. I am definitely going to share my boo-boos



      • Frenchcreek Baker May 2, 2021 / 8:18 pm

        Hi there,
        I will update you on my experiments at this end.

        I will also test Sugarveil and bought ingredient to make my own sugar lace mix. Will let you know results.

        Same thing with the homemade modeling chocolate.

        Right now am in the midst of pizza recipe testing but stay tuned!

        I am so glad you decided to run with this cookie blog! It is nice to have a cookie haven where we can share bloopers and successes❣️



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