For the month of May, Marlyn proposed the task of making a bouquet out of cookies. She demonstrated two ways of doing it in her Patreon site, and her versions are amazing, large flowers, two different ways to attach the sticks to the cookie. I decided to make very small cookies and use them to top chocolate cupcakes with a green buttercream icing to look like grass. What do you think?

This is really a great way to present cookies. You don’t need to couple them with cupcakes, they stand well alone, imagine them in the center of a dessert table for a kid’s Birthday table… Or a Spring-Summer get together.

It all start baking the cookies with a stick (Wilton makes paper sticks that are pretty sturdy and stand baking), that you should cut small, so the cookies fit nicely in a baking sheet. That stick is then removed (you can save the small sticks for future adventures), and a larger stick with the size appropriate for your design, is placed, then iced all over to glue it together with the baked cookie. Steps shown below.

You can use any colors and designs to the flowers, just make sure to mix and match so that your final composition is as cheerful as it can be…


I hope you consider making cookie sticks – imagine butterflies, a little sun, even animal heads, anything looks cute on a stick! And it is quite easy to do, just make sure you handle the cookie by the cookie part when you first ice the back to glue the stick. It will be very fragile until fully set.

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