By now it is pretty clear I am not ready to drop the love theme… This set of cookies were demonstrated in a tutorial by Andi Kirkegaard. You can get all details and join her classes visiting her website with a click here. I have followed her classes before, these florals were favorites of my past. Once again, because those are part of a paid tutorial, I cannot share details or templates, but once you sign up, you will receive quite a bit of material to work from: cookie and icing recipes if you need them, and super detailed instructions as to how much icing to make in each of the needed consistencies. It is not a beginner’s level project, but if you have some experience decorating cookies and working with Royal icing, you will do great.

The full set involved 4 cookies, but I did not do a good job on cookie #4, so I am highlighting the other three. Many details and techniques are involved in the making of these cookies, you will be playing with piping consistency of very fine lines, and a very cool method to make the balloons with a puffy shape. You will also use a stencil, and air-brushing. A mini-projector, although not absolutely necessary, will be quite helpful. Some of the steps are shown below.

Andi is a very experienced instructor, and she will have you work on one particular cookie, then move to another one as the first sets, so it is all quite efficient. I cannot pick a favorite, I loved making this cute trio…


You will learn how to pipe the balloon component in stages to create lift in the icing. Fine lines will make the basket weave, but of course you could adapt using some other method – perhaps the same technique used for the wood in the kissing booth could work here. Or even use a stencil instead of piping.


So many details, but don’t you love the look? I think my favorite touch was the air brushing dark at the bottom and getting lighter as you move up on the jar. Just adorable! Maybe this was the simplest of the four in the set.


Well, this was maybe my favorite, after all… Lots of little details make this cookie shine, including the work with Royal icing to give the impression of wood. It was the most time-consuming cookie to make but also quite a lot of fun to see it materializing, little by little.

As to the cookie I could not make very well, here it is… I did not get the writing to work, so it would have been better to just make the background with the stencil, and the ruffled edge. But it is nice to try something challenging. I hope to do a better job next time.

This set of cookies, coupled with some simple hearts would be nice to offer as a special gift, don’t you think?

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