Today I share a series of cookies inspired by my favorite season… I suggest you invest in two great colors: Americolor Watermelon, and ProGel Strawberry. You can approximate those tones making some magic with reds, pinks, corals, but I love those shades straight from the bottle. I used them to make all the cookies in this set. Greens were all from Americolor. Without further ado, here is my trio of Summer cookie fun.


I used one of my favorite shapes, the candy corn, to make 8 little watermelon slices, and a round cookie for the watermelon face. Super simple, wet-on-wet, and after setting, black icing in piping consistency was used to make the little seeds, as well as the smile and eyes.

Below some of the steps to make what I call the “Watermelon Flower”

The popsicles are even simpler to make… I started by painting the wooden handle with copper luster powder (Bakell Metallic Maroon). Then a very simple three-color piping to bring the design to life. And the mandatory seeds. Of course.


Some components of this design were inspired by Marlyn, from Montreal Confections, but I added some of my own little twists, particularly in the cone. I used my favorite little fondant baller tool to generate some texture. The vibrant color is ProGel Strawberry.

The final decorations were thick consistency white-strawberry icing for the swirl, plus sprinkles and a tiny M&M.


There was a little saga behind these cookies. I’ve done pineapples with a “quilt” look before, but for the strawberry, there were quite a few more little sections. They must be piped in stages, so that only regions that do not touch are piped at the same time. That meant a looong time to finish the six cookies…

Full disclosure: I had 10 strawberry-shaped cookies baked. After six were piped, I was fit to be tied, so simpler designs materialized instead… Like a solid flooding, and a Sugarprism painted alternative, perfect for those who prefer a more austere cookie, as far as icing is concerned.

You could even skip the painting for a pretty modern, unusual look…

But if you have the time and patience, consider going the extra mile and making the quilt look. Adding tiny sprinkles is also time-consuming, so in some I piped tiny dots of black Royal icing instead. For bling, you can also paint the surface with some pink luster powder.

I hope you liked these ideas to celebrate Summer with a cookie platter... A little piping with green on the tops is optional, but I liked the way it made the whole design more vibrant.

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